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Snowball EC2 + vSphere: 2nd Generation Hybrid Infrastructure

Posted by Junaid Islam on Jul 18, 2018 4:48:59 PM
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The recent announcement by AWS of a physical Snowball EC2 compute platform represents a significant step forward in hybrid cloud/data center computing. When combined with a SDP-based Zero Trust Network, enterprises now have an infrastructure solution that offers a better cost structure, agility and security than any other design.

1st Generation Hybrid: Great idea with some serious problems

The 1st generation of hybrid cloud/data center was characterized by a two-stack design with legacy apps in the data center and new apps in AWS. Application developers loved the idea of experimenting with different products in the AWS Marketplace but the IT department didn’t like the fact that production apps could not be ported back into their data center.

VMware noticed the issues IT departments were having with hybrid environments and offered vSphere in AWS. VMware's solution improved load balancing and disaster recovery for legacy applications but it didn’t address the issue of new apps developed using AWS software logic. Thus 1st generation hybrid initiatives in the financial, medical and government verticals faced many problems.

2nd Generation Hybrid Infrastructure: 1 + 1 = 3

The recent announcement of Snowball Edge by AWS represents a significant step forward in hybrid infrastructure. For the first time enterprises can run apps using AWS software features on a "physical" EC2  instance inside their data center. When combined with VWware’s ability to run in AWS, enterprises can now operate have a common application development and production environments across the data center and cloud infrastructure.

Snowball EC2 VMware vSphere Hybrid Architecture Junaid islam

Providing enterprise the freedom to mix and match applications and infrastructure opens up many new possibilities.  

Workload optimization: While EC2 is great for the majority of workloads sometimes a high performance computer (HPC) is better for applications needing millions I/O operations per second. A 2nd generation infrastructure allows AWS-to-HPC computing which is great for organizations with large data set machine learning or Smart Cities IoT management applications. 

Disaster Recovery: A pure cloud-centric enterprise is a great idea except if one loses access to the cloud or it’s down. The Snowball/vSphere combination allows enterprises to have true active:active redundancy that is synchronized in real time.  

Compliance: Financial and medical institutions have strict requirements on encryption and access control for regulated data. The 2nd generation hybrid infrastructure provides regulated entities a way to benefit from cloud economics without breaking their compliance/security architecture. 

Zero Trust Network: First Mile Cybersecurity For Hybrid Infrastructure

One challenge of a 2nd generation infrastructure is protecting workloads as they move around. A traditional VPN would route everyone to the data center and then connect to the cloud (which is inefficient) or dual home everyone (which creates security risks).  Additionally enterprises have to worry about the increased level of cyberattacks. What is needed is a software based Zero Trust Network solution!

A SDP-based Zero Trust Network, like Vidder, provisions role-based access to only authorized users whether the app is on a box or in the cloud. More important, the SDP control channel allows trust assessment of the user's device to detect the newest generation of self-propagating malware.  

A SDP-based Zero Trust Network combined with the trusted computing features of a VMware vSphere and AWS VPC allows enterprise to create Secure Enclaves across hybrid environments. For the first time enterprises have a trusted compute infrastructure that offers a better cost structure and security than legacy data center or 1st generation hybrid environments.

We have a SDP-based Zero Trust Network in AWS connecting to vSphere on a Petaflop-scale high performance computer (HPC). Email me or send me a message on LinkedIn if you’d like to experience a 2nd generation in trusted hybrid infrastructure and I’ll set up an account for you.


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