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Vidder Can Help You Protect Applications from Untrusted Users

Posted by Greg Ness on Nov 17, 2017 9:05:00 AM

PrecisionAccess can be a force multiplier for your security team by future proofing your existing infrastructure against advanced attacks, including credential theft, predatory malware and man-in-the-middle. Software Defined Perimeter and Trust Assessment technology combine to obfuscate servers until user and device trust is established and access is granted to a single application or groups of applications.

Trust Assessment takes milliseconds and is invisible to the end user, regardless of location.


Contact us to find out how your security team can be more effective against advanced attacks without adding more tuning and access control list management chores. Or visit the Vidder Resource Center.

You can also download the source paper Security Concerns of the CISO for more details regarding each use case.


Topics: software defined perimeter, application security, trust assessment

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Vidder is changing how modern day enterprises approach security in an increasingly untrusted IT landscape. PrecisionAccess™ enables secure, trusted access to critical business applications in today’s perimeterless enterprise. With PrecisionAccess, enterprises can continue to evolve their business ecosystem through major IT trends like cloud migration and outsourcing with assurance that their most valuable applications are safe.

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