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Predatory Malware is Rendering Massive Security Investments Irrelevant

Posted by Greg Ness on Sep 27, 2017 4:31:21 PM

Malware has evolved to evade traditional security defenses and move laterally looking for vulnerabilities.  It may even force a generational shift in security.

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The Writing is on the Firewall: VMware and Verizon Intro App Security as a Service

Posted by Greg Ness on Sep 21, 2017 12:52:16 PM

Here’s Why It Matters

In a “tip of the hat” to how polluted devices and networks have become, VMware and Verizon announced new service offerings to protect applications from cyber attacks.  VMware announced App Defense at VMworld a few weeks ago. Vidder announced yesterday that its technology is being integrated into a new Verizon Software Defined Perimeter managed service for protecting high value apps from advanced threats.
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Security Process Creep and the Security Paradox at an F100 Enterprise

Posted by Greg Ness on Jul 17, 2017 3:46:46 PM

Last month I spoke with a security architect at a Fortune 100 enterprise serving a network of hundreds of thousands of company and partner employees in almost 200 countries. Talk about a networking and security challenge. His comments inspired a blog about security process creep and the exponential increase in demands on security teams experiencing even incremental growth.

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Malware Will Cripple Cloud And IoT Infrastructure If Not Contained

Posted by Junaid Islam on Jul 6, 2017 3:33:12 PM

This year we’ve had two cyber attacks in which malware was used to cripple government computer systems. Unless counter-measures are deployed, similar malware attacks can be used against cloud and IoT infrastructure. 

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With So Many Threats, What Should Enterprises Do To Reduce Cyber Risk?

Posted by Junaid Islam on May 30, 2017 4:47:15 PM

Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is a detailed study of cyber threats. Subsequently DBIR provides an ideal analytical framework for enterprises seeking to reduce cyber risk. 

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Game of Threats

Posted by Junaid Islam on May 24, 2017 2:32:59 PM

The Season 7 trailer of Game of Thrones came out today and fans were excited to see that’s going to be bloody war. While Thrones is a fantasy show its strength comes from being a metaphor for real world conflicts.

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New Cyber Attacks Require New Counter-Measures

Posted by Junaid Islam on May 17, 2017 4:27:21 PM

In the past five months there have been two cyber attacks that combined age-old email phishing with lateral movement to greatly increase their lethality. In February of this year the Saudi Arabian government was hit with a phishing attack that installed a program to delete data.  The attackers were able to increase the blast radius of the attack by using a stolen domain credentials to disperse the malware within the network. More recently the WannaCry malware utilized phishing to install ransomware and that spread laterally using a Microsoft NetBIOS vulnerability.

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What is the Difference Between NAC (Network Access Control) and Trusted Access Control?

Posted by Greg Ness on May 15, 2017 2:06:41 PM

In response to questions regarding Vidder’s Precision Access™ Trusted Access Control solution and how it compares to traditional Network Access Control (NAC) solutions we’ve created an infographic. The column on the right highlights the time to value impacts of replacing NAC with Trusted Access Control based on each row of characteristics.

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