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Predatory Malware is Rendering Massive Security Investments Irrelevant

Posted by Greg Ness on Sep 27, 2017 4:31:21 PM

Malware has evolved to evade traditional security defenses and move laterally looking for vulnerabilities.  It may even force a generational shift in security.

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Malware Will Cripple Cloud And IoT Infrastructure If Not Contained

Posted by Junaid Islam on Jul 6, 2017 3:33:12 PM

This year we’ve had two cyber attacks in which malware was used to cripple government computer systems. Unless counter-measures are deployed, similar malware attacks can be used against cloud and IoT infrastructure. 

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Security as a Brand Strategy in the New Cyber World

Posted by Greg Ness on Jun 28, 2017 2:17:30 PM

Security breaches are now a fact of life for almost all organizations.  New attacks don’t respect traditional boundaries and perimeters, from a country’s borders to enterprise firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. This means that the definition of national security within a cyber context is limited to government institutions, not organizations with operations within a nation’s borders.

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We are now at War… Cyber War

Posted by Greg Ness on Jun 22, 2017 8:23:49 PM

Today breaches are simply a fact of life in the cyber age. A report tracking the largest breaches of 2017 also said breaches in 2016 had increased by 40% (over 2015 - including the Yahoo compromise of more than one billion accounts) and that 2017 “could get even more messy and more serious.”

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Verizon's Operation Convergent Response

Posted by Junaid Islam on Jun 10, 2017 11:11:44 PM

Currently information solutions for First Responders are built using customized, highly complex and costly communications and application systems. While the adoption of mobile devices and public clouds have become the norm for enterprises these have been considered too risky for emergency services. Until now. 

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Game of Threats

Posted by Junaid Islam on May 24, 2017 2:32:59 PM

The Season 7 trailer of Game of Thrones came out today and fans were excited to see that’s going to be bloody war. While Thrones is a fantasy show its strength comes from being a metaphor for real world conflicts.

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New Cyber Attacks Require New Counter-Measures

Posted by Junaid Islam on May 17, 2017 4:27:21 PM

In the past five months there have been two cyber attacks that combined age-old email phishing with lateral movement to greatly increase their lethality. In February of this year the Saudi Arabian government was hit with a phishing attack that installed a program to delete data.  The attackers were able to increase the blast radius of the attack by using a stolen domain credentials to disperse the malware within the network. More recently the WannaCry malware utilized phishing to install ransomware and that spread laterally using a Microsoft NetBIOS vulnerability.

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A Flicker Of Light: A New Security Stack Points The Path To Safety

Posted by Junaid Islam on Oct 13, 2016 6:46:39 PM

The last few years have been a difficult time for those who protect data. Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed. The basis behind defense-in-depth is to deploy redundant layers of security products to defeat every part the cyber kill chain. Unfortunately inside attacks and compromised devices belonging to authorized users operate within the protective bubble making them difficult to stop or even detect. Further complicating matters, the shift from company owned and operated to personal and public compute resources.

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